Know your main energy channels: Ida and Pingala

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Ida and Pingala

Know the energy channels of your body:

The energy channels, also known as “nadis”, resemble conduits where vital energy flows throughout our body. Among all the “nadis” of the human body, there are two that are essential for our mental state and spiritual development: Ida and Pingala . That is, two nerve currents located on the sides of the spine. The left is known as Ida and the right as Pingala.

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Ida and Pingala manage all body and mind activity, given their relationship with the nostrils.

The left nostril (Ida) is united with the right hemisphere , which is responsible for intuition, artistic sensitivity, creativity, among others. The right nostril (pingala) is related to the left hemisphere and takes care of the rational mind and logical-mathematical processes .

For example, when we are stable, our breathing changes throughout the day from one pit to another , in periods of one to two hours. This variation creates harmony in all systems.

When a greater flow of energy or prana (in Sanskrit meaning ‘vital energy) circulates through the Ida channel at a certain time of day, we feel more tired, unmotivated, or sad. If we feel like this, it is a sign that our energy predominates in the nadi Ida at that moment.

During the night, it is usual for our energy to flow mainly through Ida, facilitating rest. Because, It is also known as the lunar channel . In the same way, when our body fights against a discomfort or illness, our energy is naturally governed towards the Ida channel, thus prompting us to rest, to allow the vital energy to fully concentrate on fighting the condition.

When at a certain time of the day a greater flow of energy or prana circulates through the Pingala channel, we feel a greater determination and desire to perform external actions. Aimed at achieving personal goals, it increases passion, ambition and physical and mental restlessness. These are signs of the predominance of the Pingala nadi.

Due to its characteristics already mentioned, this channel is also known as a solar channel . Although what predominates in this nadi is the factor of achieving and successfully fulfilling our tasks, it also has negative aspects. These can be insomnia, stress or physical and mental agitation that makes it impossible to go deeper into the practice of meditation.

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As the day passes, our energy alternates between Ida and Pingala. constantly. This is reflected in the different states of mind and energy that we experience in our daily lives.

Knotted to that, Yoga philosophy institutes that there is a link between mind and body So when there is balance in the mind, between ida and pingala, between the left and right hemispheres, we also have balance in the body.

Therefore, it is essential to work in balance in the mind to develop balance in the body . We can achieve this through breathing control techniques, meditation or ancient medicines such as snuff.

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