Use of Rapé

To apply rapé we need an applicator also called kuripe, it is necessary to do it with this tool since with rapé we receive an exhalation and not an inhalation, contrary to what we imagine.

This exhalation represents death, death of your old self that is reborn again from a different place each time you use medicine, it is to accept ourselves as changing beings, in continuous development.

( Benefits of rapé )

Once we have prepared our space, we must reserve at least 20 minutes of our time for our medicine session, we take a deep breath, hold our breath, put the longest part of the applicator in the nose and the shortest in the mouth and blow, this we do in both nostrils.

( Types of murmur )

Once we apply the medicine, our mind is silent and we take advantage of these 20 minutes to dive into our soul, where we will find the wounds that do not allow us to live fully today.

One of the benefits of the way rapé is used is that when you project it, it caresses the pineal gland and as you use it, it becomes decalcified and you will realize how clearly you begin to listen to your intuition.

I want to work with my own energy!

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