What is Rapé?

Rapé, Hoska, hosk-rapé (ground tobacco in French) is the name by which most of us know this medicine, in fact it is known by indigenous peoples as ROMÉ POTÓ (tobacco powder). This ancestral medicine is prepared by successively grinding tobacco with one or several plants, minerals and also bark and ashes that make up a subtle alchemy , until obtaining a very fine powder, with a specific purpose.

Always remember that rapéit’s not recreational , it is a serious medicine that requires devotion and respect . Whoever shares it to another must be prepared since there is anenergy exchange and you have to know how to channel the energy, as well as be aware of what we are giving, who receives, our intention . So this sacred medicine will work more efficiently, tuning body, mind and spirit.

(Rapé changes lives )

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The indigenous people of the Amazon in South America use tobacco in all its possible forms

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Depending on the component concentration each Rapé works at different levels energetic, physical, mental and emotional . It is a sacred tool that our ancestors from the jungle received from the spirit of Tayta SAYRI (Grandfather Tobacco), and thanks to them it came to us with its immense benefits .

Its use allows a total relaxation, quieting the thought . This Ancestral Medicine allows us a deep state of concentration , brings us strength and clarity to be able to be present in the here and now .

Rapé is a medicine

A powerful spirit of the forest and should be treated as such. It is a very strong medicine that can bring different states depending on its use. Rapé is not to be taken all the time. For those who study it, it is recommended to take it in the morning, on an empty stomach, at the end of the afternoon, after work or at night, before going to sleep, to bring good dreams and have a quiet night. In sessions it can be taken several times depending on the need.

( What is rapé? )

It does notproduce visions often, although it can happen. It travels through the whole body with a tingling numbing distending the useless tensions that sometimes our body keeps as result of living in a permanent state of alarm, ready to react “to danger.” With the rapéthe body loosens all its tensions, remaining in an optimal state to meditate, that is why this medicine has become the gateway for many meditators to your inner world.

( How to use rapé)


Rapé is the medicine of silence, truth and resilience. It belongs to silence, because an interior reflection comes to us about our limitations and about living in this sacred body. It belongs to the truth because it takes out our armor and shows our fragility, bringing our attention to the here and now. And it is also in the realm of resilience because it is a teacher who teaches how to endure moments of cleansing and transformation. Rapé knocks us down for a few moments so that our body and our being align themselves thus producing the cure. The blows that penetrates our soul is like the breath that gave us life, with pain and burning reminding us of who we really are: “Sensitive beings in a fragile container. Rapé is for those who have firmness; Rapé is for those who are of prayer and silence; The rapé is the force of the forest removing masks.

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