Master plants, integrative therapies and ancestral traditions

Rescuing ancestral knowledge and wisdom with sacred medicines, in an attempt to improve our quality of life.


I want to warn whoever decides to accompany their work with medicine, that this is a job for the brave, for those who really want to heal and not only as individuals, heal as a system, as a group, for those who are determined to take risks, to confront with themselves, with their fears, guilt, desires, joys and misfortunes.

This work is for those who, in their walk through life, have ever experienced the inevitable setbacks and setbacks of life; for those who have felt love and heartbreak, joy and sadness; for those who have allowed themselves to make mistakes, make mistakes, feel guilty and above all, be less good than they would have liked.

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May this work sow seeds of love and happiness. If so, and if a few took root and came to flower (within you I hope!), It would have all been worth it.

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The decision to create Ancestrina, ( El rapé, me and Ancestrina) arises from this path undertaken by going through my personal history, as well as from this search for change and transformation that began a few years ago and that I recognize in other people, I like to think that we are the generation that decided to go against the system and decided to change it, each one contributing from their own personal search with this little internal voice that tells me that if I heal myself, we all heal.

If I’m going to tell something about myself, I know I have to do it honestly. That is why I must admit that I never considered myself a spiritual person. I had a very hard childhood where life for me became a constant war, in which I felt that the world was against me and everything was perceived as an attack, where the only way to emerge victorious was to show myself strong and aggressive, I felt that no matter how hard he hit me I could take it and I could always hit back.

I was lucky, I believed that to feel alive I had to expose myself to extreme situations. Until one day I hit rock bottom. I felt that I had no direction, that I had to prove and show myself that my place in the world was justified. I had many complexes, insecurities, shortcomings and frustrations. I had achieved what I always thought I wanted and still felt lost. until I fell into a deep crisis.

Driven by the suffering and the feeling of internal emptiness, I began my search to see if I could give meaning to my life, resolve my conflicts and why not, fill that emptiness. It was there that I decided to get out of the way traced by others, beginning to look for my own path, my way of thinking and living.

The quest to find me

After breaking with my paradigm, traveling the world doing workshops, training, literature and ancestral medicine became my new friends. I spent years reading teachers like Osho or Mooji.

Studying psychologists like Fromm, Jung or Naranjo. Therapists like Joan Garriga, Alain Vigneu, Jodorowsky, Albert Rams among many others, classics like Orwell or Hesse.

Absorbing as much as I could from philosophies such as Sufism, Advaita, Tantra or Kabbalah.

I was trained in family constellations, integrative gestalt, tantra, therapeutic clowning, among others.

When I was younger I had get to know sacred medicines, but it was until this moment that I understood the difference between looking for the event and actually doing the process. I was reunited with them from a different, more mature place, ready to receive all the love that Mother Earth through her medicines could give me, and let the ceremonies boost the personal process that I was enduring.

By observing what was happening inside me, I understood my desire to serve as a bridge to medicine, to show my gratitude towards it by making it possible for more people to know of its existence, speaking clearly and openly, facing and confronting so many taboos that people have, clarifying doubts and above all sharing my experience with those who wanted to approach it and had doubts.

My experiences had helped me to understand that the purpose of life is not to change the world, but to heal ourselves, with the full certainty that if I heal myself, we will all heal.

Discovering my purpose

Weary of working tirelessly with the sole objective of getting money, never being at home and missing out on watching my children grow up I entered into some type of crisis, what some call the dark night of the soul, where I hit rock bottom and began the search for myself, it was then that I ceased to exist and began to live.

( How rapé intervenes in my daily life )

At last I had seen something that I was passionate about, that allowed me to return what I received, to serve as a bridge, to share the knowledge acquired about sacred medicines and especially Rapé, this wonderful tool, so that other seekers, like me, learn to be comfortable with life, with themselves, to be happy and find their place. It was there that we decided to create Ancestrina, a brand with meaning, at the service of others.

Observing in me the impact so deep, so positive, so palpable, that the work with medicines was having in my life, I began to share what I was learning with everyone who wanted to listen to me.

We take it so seriously that today we have already delivered more than 3,000 orders, having shared this tool with more than 1,000 people in different countries. We have been able to witness, by receiving messages of gratitude, of how medicine has made change possible, providing the tools to live life fully.

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Death supports life, sadness supports happiness and complements it, while old age is the future portrait in which youth is framed.

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The happiness we want so much

We spend our lives looking to find happiness, we want to reach paradise, that magical and wonderful place where according to our imagination, everything is perfect and nothing bad happens.

If we think about it, it is extremely childish and delusional to think that true paradise excludes the unfortunate and painful side of life.  It is nothing more than an innocent illusion to think that illness, death, failure, and other painful events must disappear from the flow of life in order for it to be fulfilling. In fact, are not precisely these painful events giving life a meaning?

Human greatness, true compassion does not come from “being” good or what we call “light”, but from knowing that we are bad and imperfect, from knowing and accepting our “shadow” and loving us and others with it. It is through the imperfect, the emotionally awkward, that we level ourselves with others.

We cannot choose, say I want youth, but not old age, I want health, but not disease, I want life, but not death, I want success, but not failure. It is not possible and even if it were, it is not about that. It is about taking the whole of life with all its nuances, since events occur in equal measure in all directions: we are born the same as we die, in an unstoppable transit where creation precedes and follows destruction.

Death, failure, pain, hunger or sadness are nothing more than experiences and are not different from others such as life, courage, tenderness, love or joy, but since they cannot be thought of, they are only lived. This is paradise: living life instead of thinking about it, immersing yourself in it instead of conceptualizing it, surrendering to its flow instead of trying to stop it.

(Rapé changes lives )

When we observe the constant flow of life objectively, without judgment, the requirements of the Soul to achieve its greatest goal, the long-awaited inner peace, are simple:

  • Accept and love reality, the present as it is presented, even when its best face does not reach us.
  • Loving and accepting ourselves as we are, with compassion, being authentic, stopping pretending to be others, respecting the different aspects of our character and the characters that emerge as contexts change, respecting, loving and accepting our unique and perfect body, respecting our feelings , created to be felt and lived, to allow them to be and disappear, to let them flow.
  • Love all our human companions, but especially those who concern us closely: those who are part of our Family Soul and who constitute our universe of interpersonal and affective ties.

It is known that well-being does not depend so much on the facts themselves as on an attitude. Epictetus already said: “It is not the facts that disturb us, but our opinions and experiences of them.” The key is in our way of living reality, in trying not to complicate it with problems that are the result of our interpretations and not of the facts themselves. The problems come from our talent to complicate the simplicity of the facts, from our difficulty to accept them and take them as they are, taking advantage of them in this way.

Behind or next to any serious problem, no matter how it arises, we could always trace what or whom we are rejecting, what or whom we cannot give a good place in our hearts, what or whom we fail to appreciate or respect.

Is exactly what makes us strictly human: our ability to think and reflect, our intelligence, our awareness of time, what condemns us to suffering, as it distances us from life and its instinctive, natural and spontaneous regulation. And we are living, in a continuous dialogue between our will and the will of life.

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Thoughts are the raw material of our limitations, because they seduce us so strongly that we confuse them with reality taking us away from our essential being.

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We spend our lives creating a universe full of loves and hates, fears, judgments, struggles and longings. To create this universe we make use of comparison, evaluation and judgment, and we decorate it with the full range of emotions that we have: jealousy, rage, envy, fear, sadness, regret, claim, demand, shame, resentment, guilt, etc. victory, hope… Who or what creates this universe? Our character, our ego, that which we believe to be.

As individuals that we are, we build a kind of refuge from where we observe life and everything that happens in it. From there we look at the world and give it light or shade with our ideas, our desires, about how things should be and from there, from our fort, make sure they are as they should be, and then rejoice, or suffer when it is not So.

This is a wonderful path, to find ourselves again, to return to our essential being, learning to love others and ourselves, to let go of the wounds of our past, but it is not an easy path, it is a path full of pain, tears and catharsis, but through which we start feeling better and better, freer, more authentic. In my own walk I understood that we do not have to do it alone, that if we want it, mother nature in her infinite love provides us with countless tools so that we do not have to go through it alone, there are many medicines that we anciently consider sacred, because they open our door to connect with everything, to merge into one, to remember us.

It is here where I found this wonderful tool that we call Rapé, its work is very subtle, with it we do not have to live experiences of fragmentation. It is something that we can handle alone, that we can work with our own energy, with our own desire to leave the place where we are, which provides us with our own strength to get up, to go through our story freeing ourselves from the pain and suffering that we have had entrenched from our childhood.

Here would come the detachments, the losses, the liberation of the weight of the backpack, the goodbyes and the goodbyes. Because in the end everything we have, we lose, everything we think we are, vanishes.

I want to work hand in hand with Rapé

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