Rapé and nostrils

Some people wonder why rapé (What is rapé ) is applied through the nose, which implies, if there is no other way to make use of it, which it represents, in short a number of questions arise to which we may be able to answer.

( Myths and beliefs that take us away from the experience )

First of all, when we receive Rapé, contrary to what many may think, we do not receive an inhalation but an exhalation, the sigh of death, death to the ego, death to the beliefs that limit us, death to the loyalties that drag us, a continuous death that gives way to a rebirth, when we accept ourselves as changing beings, that flow and adapt, understanding that each time we use Rapé our old self dies to be reborn from a different place.

( Types of murmur )

Second, when Rapé is blown into us, it goes through caressing the pineal gland, decalcifying it, opening the channel of communication with our intuition, with our own wisdom always connected with the collective wisdom.

( Intuition and rapé)

Third, each nostril is connected to the cerebral hemisphere, they are directly connected to our energy channels allowing energy to flow through the different chakras.

Rapé balances our energy, since daily stress and life in general makes us stand at one pole or the other. Rapé regulates our body and mind activities. The nostrils have a cyclical function, which means that we usually predominantly breath through one of them.

When we are balanced, breathing changes throughout the day from one nostril to the other, in periods of one to two hours. This rotation creates harmony in all systems.

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If breathing is stronger on the left nostril, it means the feminine part (the Moon), the Mental Force, is activated, if it is stronger on the right it is the masculine part (the Sun), the Vital Force that is predominant .

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The right side, the channel of the Sun (source – yang). It empowers the rational mind, which enables us to learn and gain strength to overcome problems through our effort. It is the masculine side. Typical problems of the right side are selfish or violent behavior, arrogance, and pride.

The left side, the channel of the Moon (receiver – yin). It empowers the emotions in their pure state, providing qualities of deep joy, pure love, compassion, and artistic abilities. This is the feminine side. Typical problems of the left side are emotional attachment, depression, low self-esteem, guilt or lethargy.

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