Types of Blow

The way to apply it is blowing it through both nostrils (How to use rapé ) using a projector that is a wooden tube (Tepi ) in which on one side you place your nose (rapé and nostrils ) and on the other hand the facilitator blows you. The way you blow yourself is important, do it with love, to bring peace to your mind and body. Do not do it to silence the voice of your mind violently, but with openness, disposition and trust that medicine will do its job.

Also there are also self-applicators (kuripes) to apply it to yourself. Rapé is not snorted because it does not travel the same way in the brain, nor does it decalcify the pineal gland in that way. Therefore, it is essential to have applicatorsand the right disposition, time and place for it.

The regular way is for the rapé to go down to the mouth, the idea is not to swallow it, since it can be heavy to the stomach. The rapé will run a little down your nose, don’t blow your nose, wipe it gently with a handkerchief, and wait for the medicine to do its job.

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Passing (blowing) rapé requires an inner attitude of prayer and surrender. The person is not always energetically prepared to share rapé to another individual, and it is our responsibility not to accept rapé from just anyone, or to give rapé if we are not in tune.

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Rapé is a sacred medicine and as such it carries the intentions and prayers of whoever prepares it and who shares it. All the processes of a shamanic ceremony , from lighting a fire, a tobacco, playing an instrument, serving food or passing rapé, all these acts must be accompanied by a deep connection with the sacred.

Always remember that rapé medicine is not recreational It is a serious medicine that requires devotion and respect. Whoever shares another must be prepared since there is anenergy exchange and you have to know how to channel energy, and also to be aware that we are giving to who receives with our intention. So this sacred medicine will work more efficiently, tuning body, mind and spirit.

When someone blows rapé they share their energy, which is why we recommend being in an empty attitude to be able to receive all the discharge from the other person.

Blows and intentions when projecting the Rapé:

There are several blows that can be used, they vary induration, intensity, and closure . The blow used in the application and the very connection we have with medicine also greatly influences the rapé effect.

We must know and fully trust whoever applies Rapé to us , because we are putting our health in their hands. And also whoever applies must be aware that he receives energy from the person whom he “blows” and therefore must do the study to be able to handle and understand the powerful energy of Rapé .

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Long Blow

It’s one of the most common and used, has a strong cleaning power invoking the spirit of the jungle. Starts soft and grows strong in a single blow of air, at the end the air passage is blocked with the tongue in the applicator making a a hissing sound, it’s a long breath .

Loud blow

It’s a blowstrong and short, it makes a low sound with the tongue on the applicator, as if there is a blow with the tongue at the end. Awaken the ancestral force and focus on ceremony.

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Soft blow

It’s a blow compressed and slow, the air is constantly blown, the effects of rapé with this blow last longer. It is ideal to work on patience and physical trauma and after a spiritual work.

Visionary Blow

Blow that begins strong and wears off. Induce beautiful dreams and increase visionary effects.

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Blow of Courage

Strong and long Unlike the strong blow, this is strong but continuous. To penetrate the darkness, into the void, in the great mystery from which all things were born.

Each Rapé is different, just as each one of us is different, use medicine with love, get to know yourself, get to know it, see how it communes with you, blow yourself in different ways and discover what works for you.

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