Intuition and Rapé

What is intuition?

When we hear about intuition, a hunch, a gut feeling, it generally refers to that ability to immediately perceive, know, realize or feel, some aspect of the reality that surrounds us, without reason or logic involved ,without deduction.

Intuitive things are those we know through non-rational and often non-conscious paths, which cannot be explained, or even verbalized. This is the reason why they have popularly been considered as thinking with the heart instead of the head, and according to traditional understanding, the head is associated with ideas, and the heart with feelings or with the world of subjectivity.

( Know your main energy channels: Ida and Pingala )

It is said that our intuitive capacity rests on a small organ that we all have between the eyebrows called the pineal gland, and that chemicals such as fluoride calcify it preventing us from listening our intuition.

The seat of the soul, as Descartes called this gland, is associated with the sixth chakra (the one with the vision). This is the chakra of the domain, where the integration of the personality is reached, it is here where the sense of intuition develops and where one connects with a divine direction. It is called the third eye because this chakra sees more than the two eyes.

The pineal is considered by eastern philosophies as a true natural device within the body that is capable of connecting our mind and body with the universe, its openness grants access to infinite wisdom.

It is the door to which geniuses enter, the portal that mystics and esoterics know as the access to total enlightenment.

The pineal is the door that allows you to know the unknown, access other lives, and experience unimagined realities.

( Chakras and rapé )

Unblock your pineal gland and start developing your intuition now!

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