We help you fight languor in the era of COVID-19

Si te gusta comparte y ayúdanos a crecer

We help you fight languor in the era of COVID-19

A feeling of stagnation accompanied by a high dose of discouragement are just some of the symptoms that languor produces in us , a term used by medical specialists and scientists to describe this new wave of suffering derived from the confinement caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has taken its toll on the quality of our psycho-emotional health, and now we are the protagonists of a season that we never thought we would experience.

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We are in a rather complex and paradoxical period. Some of us have learned to deal with quarantine , and we allow ourselves, depending on the risk factor in our locality, to resume some activities that were paralyzed by this global public health event.

However, we know that there are people who still feel uncomfortable and uneasy about the future , do not consider it prudent to take steps forward and prefer to wait for this bad dream to end so as not to expose themselves to unfortunate losses. In one way or another, our lives have changed and we must face the new economic, political, cultural and social challenges from a more optimistic perspective.

At Ancestrina we are interested in your health and well-being. Recognizing that our lifestyle is changing, are the first steps to give meaning and value to our existence. It is time to combat the symptoms of languor from reason and not from emotion. Therefore, the recommendations that you will read below can be easily applied in your home or in your environment.

Let's focus on a project

One way to focus on a single activity is to dedicate time to challenges that allow us to test our skills. This can be a job, a project, even a pending course.

Make a schedule of activities

In this space it is necessary to plan and schedule both work and entertainment activities. If we have already decided on a time for work, it is also essential to specify one for leisure activities, such as dance classes, playing sports, signing up for an online course, cooking desserts, creating a collection of objects that inspire us, seeing the season of a series or learn to play an instrument

Let's meet positive people

When we find ourselves in a pleasant environment where there are people who encourage us and have an attitude of perseverance and drive, new opportunities will arise that will take us away from stagnation and lack of energy. It is proven that the environment affects our performance. Therefore, let us interact in an environment that gives us well-being.

Let's maintain family and social ties

It is essential to create continuous communication with the people who have a great value in our lives. A text message, a video call, or simply a call, can enhance our mood and we will be able to strengthen family ties.

Make entries in a personal journal

This resource consists of a projection of what we would like to do, but also a letter of thanks for all the good things we have experienced (such as those that have not been so good, but have made us grow).

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