How rapé contributes to meditation

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How rapé contributes to meditation

The practice of meditation is complex, sometimes it is difficult to dedicate the space, have the attitude and the time to meditate. Even if we know the great benefits that meditation gives us and its importance it can be hard for us. And then when we have managed to sit down or prepare ourselves to meditate, the struggle begins; an internal struggle between our thoughts, our body’s tensions, our energy blocks, our accumulated emotions, among others. Sometimes we spend the 20 minutes or the hour we have allocated for meditation experiencing body tensions, struggling with our thoughts, making a great effort to stay awake, and we cannot meditate. Sometimes meditation time passes, and we cannot repair ourselves, we do not feel fresh, we do not feel that we have had a space of pause and intimacy with ourselves, and we feel the same or even worse, because we are frustrated as we have not received the blessings and benefits of meditation. There, rapé is our great ally, rapé is a support, it is one of the master tools and resources to practice meditation and it is the direct bridge to the meditative state.

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We reach a meditative state to feel present, to re-inhabit our body, to be present in our being and in the physical place where we find ourselves. When we enter meditation we are alive, full and present and we reconnect with what is essential to our being and our life. In a meditative state we can be calm and satisfied with all that we are, listen to the inner voice that connects with the wisdom of life and that guides us to places of well-being and determination. We can be comfortable of being ourselves, having what we have, doing what we do, it gives us great confidence to assume our life as it is and to know we have the necessary resources to manage any change. During meditation a gentle reminder comes: the feeling that we are loved showers us like soft rain.

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As we can see, getting there is not easy, only the practice and attention we pay to those moments makes us closer and closer to these states, and thus, as it is so difficult to get there, nature has not left us alone on this path of consciousness and awakening, it has left us clues, it has not offered its natural resources, it has offered us its plants and its power. Nature has joined human disposition and humility, our desire to live more fully and consciously, and has given us the medicines, it gives us rapé, Grandpa tobacco and the different plants with which it is combined, so that we could connect, remember what we are beyond our biographical and cultural facades and lean on rapé and in many other medicines to walk this path with our heart and to access a meditative states. With rapé we can enter these states and receive their blessings directly, we canalign ourselves with the meditative experience from our integral being.

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In Ancestrina we recognize and thank the earth itself for sharing its medicines , we thank the older humans who have opened their hearts and their spirits to listen and receive the medicines; We acknowledge and thank our Ancestrina community who we know remains with us in the search for more conscious and blissful lives and, above all, we acknowledge and thank the great spirit that contains us, sustains and maintains its constant presence in us and we in it.

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