Myths and beliefs that take us away from the experience

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Myths and beliefs that take us away from the experience

As humans we are full of beliefs, of myths of floating information that comes and goes, information that we take for granted that, we take as certainties and that little by little, by breaking it down, by observing it with neutrality, we realize that it has no origin or destination It’s like smoke . Information that has been transmitted to us after being interpreted by others from particular situations or from more information that was degraded and transformed as it goes from person to person, without notice.

( How rapé intervenes in my daily life )

TWe have beliefs at all levels, about all subjects; myths about things, about ourselves, about family, about every aspect of our life. This is why it is important to discern, be curious, and question whether everything we take for granted is in fact a fixed truth. Perhaps, we are hearing a particular anecdote, perhaps it was a truth once and things have changed, perhaps things have been distorted over time. The root or source of these ideas and impressions are no very rlevant; although it is useful to realize where they come from, it is important to observe, question and look with serenity what this information is about, to see what continues to be valid in relation to it and what we choose to believe each moment.

Much has been said about rapé and ancestral medicines and some of these narratives prevent us, scare us, fill us with prejudices, distance us from tools that, perhaps, depending on who we are and what we need, on our personality and lifestyle can become resources for awareness, support or healing. About rapé it has been said, for example, that having tobacco is bad , has been associated with cigarettes or with the consumption of substances that generate dependence and that, being recreational and harmful, perpetuate circuits of anxiety, disconnection with the interior or cause harm. It has also been said that rapé harms the body, that it has no use, that is witchcraft, in short, there are so many discourses that can keep us from getting to know rapé, from experiencing it, from living it in our terms, and choosing it if it suits us or not, if has advantage and benefit for us , or not.

( Benefits of rapé )

You need to be center and mature, you need presence and responsibility, you need internal truth for the discernment that must be done when you decide to live an experience rapé. When we experience something in order to choose if it suits us, it is only if we are sincere, attentive and we take responsibility for ourselves, that we can decide. This is the only way we can know if beyond the displeasure or pleasure that rapé can give us, we want to continue; if beyond any resistance, we decide to continue, or if, on the contrary, we realize that rapé is not our thing, that its call is not in sync with our needs and life stances.


When facing myths and beliefs, in Ancestrina we invite you to explore, to try and to live some experiences with rapé that allow you, with responsibility and maturityto chose if this medicine complements, contributes and welcomes you; if it heals you and brings you harmony and connection with the essence of your being. By living it, you can choose and make the decision to have a close, organic, sacred and proper relationship with grandfather rapé. This is the only way we can get to know it and we can determine if what we have heard seems true for now, because everything changes and what we think today may not be valid tomorrow. And if rapé does not call you, it is not your thing and you have not related to it, be silent and continue on your way, continue your path respecting what you do not know and enjoying what you have at your fingertips and what you believe in right now.

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