VISIONARY RAPÉS: A way to integrate experiences and connect with the Whole

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A way to integrate experiences and connect with the Whole

Visionary rapés gives us an incredible opportunity to connect, to access the universal archive to extract the information that we need in our moment of life.

For indigenous communities, plants are a bridge to connect with the spirits of Nature or with the divinity that we are. Ceach one extends its mastery, its healing and its message; It is a medicine that Mother Earth gives us to take advantage of its benefits from ancestral knowledge and respect.

( Sacred plants of the indigenous people )

Visionary experiences are part of this spiritual awakening that allows us to heal and integrate experiences. That is why, since ancient times, the tribes of the Amazon have taken advantage of the visionary qualities of plants such as Ayahuasca, Virola, Peyote or many others that not only provide a particular experience, but also awaken the soul with the messages it needs. receive for their integration and spiritual understanding.

( Entheogens and their benefits )

From the ancient medicine of rapé, you can count on these qualities of spiritual vision through visionary rapés. This type of rapés is used as an integrator of consciousness; that is to say, it will help you order, understand and give meaning to the life experiences you have had in recent years, in order to unify and understand from a position that is not only personal, but also transpersonal.

( What is Rapé? )

Some of these visionary Rapés continue to include tobacco as a master and channeling plant. However, there are others that may contain other assets that will fulfill the function of making you see (such as the Ayahuasca Sky ), dive into your soul and integrate your life experiences, maintaining the original alchemy of rapé. Next, we will tell you about our two visionary rapés, their properties and their work from the physical and spiritual planes.

( What are the ingredients of rapé? )

VISIONARY RAPÉ CIELO: Ayahuasca Cielo to integrate experiences

RAPÉ CIELO is the one we recommend to integrate life experiences. If you feel that you have lived a lot lately, but it has been difficult for you to understand all the information you have received, this alchemical mixture will help you make sense of everything you have experienced. Based on Cielo Ayahuasca and Chacruna , it shares its preparation with Yagé medicine. What differentiates it from the one that is drunk (from its liquid state), in the Rapé Cielo the mixture of Ayahuasca Heaven Y Chacruna it is dried, other ingredients are added for its activation and it becomes rapé.

It is important that you know that it is not a rapé for everyday use. Ancient medicines that have visionary qualities tend to deconstruct your psyche and character to put you back together in a different way., so it will be more assertive to allow the integration of this experience before repeating it again. There is no precautionary margin to re-immerse yourself in the visionary experience, but we recommend that you follow your intuition according to your needs and how you assimilate the medicine. You may be encouraged to live this deep meditation in a week, a month or you only need to do it once every three months. What your soul feels will be fine.

( Entheogens the door to divinity )

SAMSARA VISIONARY RAPÉ: Ferrule to connect with the Whole

SAMSARA RAPÉ is our other visionary rapé and it can be used on a daily basis. Its main function is to broaden the vision and Realize: From that connection with the Whole, you will also feel the possibility of connecting with the God that lives within you. Another of its qualities is the connection with the Spirit Guides or with the most subtle planes of consciousness. If you need to feel the support of the spiritual and ancestral world, the Rapé Samsara will serve as a bridge so that you can tune in to these higher frequencies that offer support and healing.

It is mainly made up of Virola in an active state, but it maintains the protection of grandfather Tobacco. This is what allows the visionary experience so that you can channel, communicate and tune with the subtlest layers of consciousness from the feeling of being protected, channeled and supported by the Earth. His visionary experience is much softer than that of Rapé Cielo and his energetic work resides in the seventh chakra or crown chakra: the one that allows you to experience the Universal Consciousness and be the chalice of the messages of the Great Spirit.

If you want to know more about rapé as an ancestral medicine, contact us on our social networks as @ancestrina , visit our Youtube Channel or write us in the comments to receive more information about the path of this sacred medicine. We know that RAPÉ CHANGES LIVES and we would love for you to be part of this community that expands consciousness through ancestral medicines.

Similarly, if any of our rapés were part of your path, share with us your experiences of healing and change in the comments. We believe in the stories of transformation that this loving ancestral medicine has spun and we are convinced that it can help many to return to their essence, return to the present moment and live a life full of well-being and purpose.

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