ENTHEOGENS: The door to divinity

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the gate to divinity

Entheogens are the opportunity that Mother Earth gives us to connect with our inner divinity, with the sacred in us, with realizing that we are and are part of a lake that is bigger than our personal history.

Since the dawn of humanity, the search for God has always been latent. Be it in our own likeness, recognizing it in nature or building creative talismans of its possible forms, the belief in something essential, superior or indestructible has guided the path of all of us who have sustained our presence on Mother Earth.

( Peyote as sacred medicine )

Starting from that search, ancestral communities found in the plant world the door to divinity. There were plants, or combinations between them, that offered the body and mind a destructuring experience but full of connection with the self and with everything that surrounded its own existence: entheogens or psychoactives .

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What are entheogens?

Entheogens have been called all those plants that have psycho-active qualities , but its root comes from the phrase ” God within us “. These plant substances have been characterized by providing a divine experience, and have been explored by ancestral communities, who from those visionary experiences, displayed their healing, rituals of passage or spiritual practices that provided a greater meaning to their existence.

What are entheogens used for?

The entheogens or hallucinogens have been used for millennia for therapeutic and spiritual purposes. Indigenous communities, for example, have used yagé or ayahuasca as an ancestral medicine to treat addiction to tobacco, alcohol or hard drugs, due to its ability to reduce anxiety, fear and balance the nervous system.

( Entheogens and their benefits )

In addition to their physical-emotional or behavioral benefits, these medicines also provide a visionary experience that can influence our spiritual quests or how we build the meaning of our lives to live in well-being. The feeling of connection that is achieved with oneself, with what surrounds us and with humanity in general, provides a great sense of belonging and connection.

How are entheogens used today?

From the indigenous communities that use ancestral medicines, entheogens continue to be an essential part of their identity and sense of belonging. They have safeguarded the dignity and propagation of these “divine experiences” to continue healing and expanding bodies and consciousness throughout their territories.

( Ayahuasca a divine and transforming experience )

Currently you can not only participate in a ritual of yagé or ayahuasca, peyote, mambo or any other visionary medicine, but you can also access visionary rapés as an experience you can confidently have on your own (since using entheogens without guidance or in a controlled environment is not recommended).

( Visionary Rapes )

These power plants continue to show us that the cell of God is within each one of us and that the door to divinity is available to those who, seeking their essence and inner silence, are open to letting themselves be healed by these ancestral medicines that they awaken intuition, spirituality, and above all, they expand the consciousness of the one who begins this journey.

( Power plants for ancestral communities )

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