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to protect your energy

On earth we can protect ourselves in the plane of consciousness… But how do we protect ourselves from the subtle? From the path of ancestral medicines, we use Velandinho rapé as a protective rapé. It is in charge of cleaning and purifying the bad energies that are in the environment, as well as within your being for various reasons.

( Rape Cielo )

This plant is often used to transmute dark forces and give them a gentle release. If you are being affected by an energetic heaviness, you sense that they are sending you bad energies, or you are inhabiting a very dense and dark place, Rapé Velandinho will help you protect your aura from any bad influence in the spiritual realm (such as spells that may have been consecrated to diminish your personal well-being).

( Rapé Huasca )

At the same time, this medicine will support you in treatments that have to do with respiratory allergies, as well as balance your immune system against recurrent viruses . Its great benefit is the protection and strengthening of the being to appease any threat that may manifest itself in the physical or subtle field of consciousness.

( Benefits of rapé )

There are various reasons why your energy may be weak or influenced by external factors. Some of the triggers may be ...

  • Being surrounded by people who are totally pessimistic, or who carry great frustrations on their shoulders. This can directly affect your energy or the crystal with which you perceive the world.
  • Through the air, places record subtle and energetic memories. If you inhabit spaces that emanate negative energy, it will also affect your vibrational field.
  • Day by day you face situations that will have different vibrational frequencies, as well as you will recreate thoughts that sustain them. The situations and thoughts that you recreate on a daily basis is directly related to the quality of your energy.
  • The food you have will give you more energy, or on the contrary, it will put out your inner fire.
  • If you do activities that give you energy or access them out of obligation, it will make a big difference in your disposition.

( Rapé Jurema )

If you want to know more about Rapé Velandinho, contact us on our social networks as @ancestrina , visit our Youtube Channel or write us in the comments to receive more information about the path of medicine. We know that RAPÉ CHANGES LIVES and we would love for you to be part of this community that expands consciousness through ancestral medicines.

In the same way, If this rapé was part of your path, share with us your experiences of healing and change in the comments. We believe in the stories of transformation that this loving ancestral medicine has spun and we are convinced that it can help many to return to their essence, return to the present moment and live a life full of well-being and purpose.

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