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Rapé Pimienta Longa

For a balanced digestion

Just as you digest food on a daily basis, you digest life. You are a complex being that goes through diverse experiences that can be pleasant or unpleasant, as well as reasons for happiness or pain. But… Have you ever wondered what happens when you can’t digest an experience? It is that feeling in which you cling to what happened because you do not understand it, you do not assimilate it, or you simply cannot accept it as part of your reality.

( Rapé Alfavaca )

When you are “indigested” by the reality that you are living here and now, by events of the past, or because you simply do not know how to let go of that situation that you do not understand or that you cannot assimilate, Rapé Pimienta Longa serves as food for the fire inside you; that fire that helps to digest what happened, to go into the future and extract the positive from what you clung to as a reason not to move forward.

( Rapé Cacto )

The nervous system is connected to the digestive system. We are a wonderful body that has interdependent systems in order to survive. That is why if one part does not vibrate in harmony, the others will be affected by that resonance. Do you remember a time when, when faced with an upset or a dangerous situation, your stomach seemed to close? This is due to basic survival mechanisms.

( Rapé Samsara )

When you have high levels of stress, fear or anger , some functions of your body such as digestion will be displaced by this “priority” of the nervous system. For this reason, it is important to release those chronic emotions that afflict you, and understand that an experience that is not being integrated can wreak havoc not only on your emotional health, but also on your digestive system.

( To what extent can it affect you ? stress ? )

Pimienta Longa rapé also has the benefit of being an aromatic and good-tasting rapé. If you are having attachment to alarming contexts, problems in the digestive system or inability to let go of experiences that seem impossible to understand, this rapé will help you to transmute these “urgent situations” to redirect your energy towards your solar plexus and thus achieve a process of healing. healthy digestion.

How to project a balanced third chakra

  • Security in ourselves.
  • Proper boundaries in your relationships.
  • Motivation.
  • Willpower.
  • Connect and understand our own personal power.
  • Ability to make decisions and not be afraid to make them.
  • Good digestions and a balanced metabolism.

How do you project an unbalanced third chakra?

  • Lack of energy.
  • Rebellion and competitiveness.
  • Intolerance and irritability.
  • Wanting to control everything.
  • Lack of initiative.
  • Low self-esteem and inferiority complex.
  • Fear of not being loved or not finding a partner.
  • Digestive problems

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