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rapé samsara

To connect with the Whole and receive information

To the Living in the material world, going through achievements and difficulties, you may find it difficult to connect with the divinity that resides within you. Worldly experiences can grab your attention, forgetting that you are a spiritual being who can practice a state of deep communion with his being. And this is how consciousness closes, you deny spiritual experiences or do not believe in anything.

( Rapé Tsunu )


  • You are convinced that only what you can touch with your hands is real…………..Samsara
  • You feel alone and helpless in the material world……………………………… ……..Samsara
  • You can’t connect with your essence and with your inner silence…………………………………….Samsara
  • You feel contempt or irrational rejection for the spiritual world……………………………..Samsara
  • Fear invades you as you experience other states of consciousness……………………………..Samsara

Samsara will invite you to expand your mind through inner silence. Rapé , as an ancestral medicine, will contribute to your meditation practice, giving you a heavenly silence in which you will feel united with the world. There will no longer be separation, only unity and connection with your own divinity.

Through this experience you will also be able to contact your spirit guides. Rapé Samsara is ideal for Yoga therapists, channellers and teachers (and other spiritual disciplines) to connect with the highest of your being, receive messages from other planes of consciousness and open yourself to a true empathy towards your students or consultants.

( Rape Cielo )

Acting on the seventh chakra you will have a direct and safe channel to divinity. The crown chakra, which is the energy center above your head, is the wheel responsible for connecting you with your spiritual and transcendental self, helping you receive guidance and messages from higher planes.

( Rape Cajueiro )

How does a balanced seventh chakra manifest itself?

  • The person feels unity with everything and everyone.
  • Connection and spiritual awakening.
  • Consciousness is completely relaxed, calm.
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Live spirituality in a personal and exclusive way. Without dogmas or imposing its truth on other opinions.

How does an imbalanced seventh chakra manifest?

  • Blind faith in established dogmas (social, religious, family patterns, etc.)
  • Loss of interest in the spiritual.
  • Mental narrowing: “if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it.”
  • Contempt for the spiritual.
  • Fear of channeling the divine that is housed in the crown chakra, which is why it is difficult to channel messages from the guides and from the source itself.
  • Feeling of loneliness or helplessness.

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