meetings and ceremonies

From the ancestral paths it is important to get together, light the fire, go inside, and live the healing of the medicines.


The meetings are group spaces in environments surrounded by nature, where we gather around the medicines that Mother Earth gives us, to nourish ourselves, to transform ourselves, to expand our consciousness and to live more and more in favor of our own and collective well-being.

In each meeting you will have the opportunity to meet other people interested in self-knowledge, inner growth and transcendence through ancestral medicines.

Group and personalized healing and change meetings

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Getting together gives us sustenance and support, there is no loneliness in our search and we heal collectively.

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You will be able to meet:

  • Ancestral medicines for daily use , with revelation healing properties and interior changes such as: Rapé, drum medicine, rattle medicine, singing, fire and the circle of words.
  • Active meditations designed to land in the present moment through music, body movement, sound and silence.
  • Therapeutic tools for group accompaniment of transpersonal psychology.


The ceremony spaces in Ancestrina are inscribed in contexts of respect, silence, responsibility and consistency. They are spaces that are born thanks to the heart of Mother Earth and the elders who give us their medicine for inner growth and awareness of the collective.

They are personalized or group meetings where you will find the main ancestral ceremonial medicines that we handle at Ancestrina: Rapé, Kambo and Bufo Alvarius.

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