Si te gusta comparte y ayúdanos a crecer

Visionary experience that will help you integrate processes

Since ancient times, indigenous cultures have turned to visionary experiences for initiation, healing, or integration rituals. Using entheogenic plants such as ayahuasca, they sought to expand the consciousness of their community and have direct contact with the spirit guides for key moments in life.

( Rapé Samsara )

Rapé , in this case, is not an exception. Despite being a medicine that is characterized by the presence of tobacco, Cielo is the only one of our products that does not have the presence of Grandfather Tobacco. However, the role of Ayahuasca Cielo (with its active principles) is essential to guarantee a visionary moment and a deep connection with your being.


If you have lived through overwhelming experiences or feel that you want to find yourself again, Cielo will help you achieve an integration of your being where you will overcome separation and misunderstanding. This experience will activate your pineal gland, generating visions that come from within you.

Do I have to prepare for this experience?

To open yourself to the visionary experience of Cielo you do not need to have experience in the path of ancestral medicines. What it will require is your respect for medicine and the use of your intuition to guide your session towards the prayer, intention or ritual that you are needing.

( Rapé Parika )

What does this experience consist of?

Visionary Rapé are characterized by generating visions that come from within. You can see colors, geometric patterns, mandalas or images that come from your psyche. The experience lasts about an hour and a half, and you should prepare as if you were going to take yagé. The first fifteen minutes you will not feel the effect of the medicine, until your pineal gland awakens with the actives of Ayahuasca Cielo. It can generate vomiting.

( Rapé Jurema )

You must take into account that it is a medicine to work integration and give yourself the necessary time for it.

Rapé Cielo will help you so that everything you have experienced throughout your life (and in recent times) becomes part of you. It is a deep process of seeing yourself, of finding yourself, and of realizing the vastness that resides within you. You will open yourself to find the keys you need to move forward and follow the path of your heart.

If you want to know more about Cielo, contact us on our social networks as @ancestrina , visit our YouTube Channel or write us in the comments to receive more information about the path of medicine. We know that RAPÉ CHANGES LIVES and we would love for you to be part of this community that expands consciousness through ancient medicines.

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