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rapé tsunu

To unblock the energy channels

In moments of difficulty, or when things do not go as expected, you may experience some resistance to the flow of life, most likely you have a blockage in one of the centers and energy cannot flow freely through the channels. leaving you in a state of stagnation that you cannot understand. This unconscious rejection of reality as it is, can lead to a difficulty in connecting with the gratitude and harmony of the Self. And there is a single solution to reconnect with the life that inhabits you … Opening yourself to love.

( Rapé Cacto )

But how to do it? To live from love you have to decide and be willing to experience peace of the heart , making a truce with yourself and with the reality that you are living. When you connect with this emotion, everything flows more naturally. So you can surrender to life, with its happiness and its difficulty, developing qualities such as love and acceptance.

( Rapé Anaua )

Tsunu acts directly on the channels, performing a gentle and loving unblocking, so that you do not feel the displeasure that energy flows from one moment to another, the step-by-step processes, with love, are much more compassionate with us.

Tsunu Rapéwill serve as a means to immerse yourself in your own inner peace . It is one of our most loving and compassionate options, helping you clear and unblock your energy channels so that you can open yourself to this way of experiencing life as it is. Only by freeing the channels so that the energy flows freely, you will remember the essence that you are and you will understand the now.

( Rapé Imburana )

To manifest your being in love, and overcome any difficulties that your ego is going through, you must accept, assume, value, respect and appreciate what is happening here and now, in order to let go of everything that you think you “should feel” . In that practice of externalizing love through your being or meditation, you will be able to experience the true peace of the heart that does not depend on what happens outside of you.

( Meditation )

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Similarly, if this rapé was part of your journey, please share your experiences of healing and change with us in the comments below . We believe in the stories of transformation that this loving ancestral medicine has spun and we are convinced that it can help many to return to their essence, return to the present moment and live a life full of well-being and purpose.

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