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Sacred plants of the indigenous?

In the search for physical and spiritual harmony, plants have maintained an important presence in ancestral communities. The ancients used them to heal, to paint themselves through their pigments or for ceremonial rites that connected them with the divinity. But… Why have plants been considered sacred? Why do ancestral communities still give them so much importance?

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Connection with the spirits of nature

One of the reasons for its sacredness is that, for many indigenous and shamanic communities, plants were essential to communicate with beings. spiritual in which they believed. Achieving this “connection” and maintaining that link with the spirits of nature was reason enough to worship their properties, and above all, to recognize that they were living beings that connected, provided information to those who needed it and restored the balance of the who suffered from an illness.

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Portals for holistic healing

Another compelling reason is that plants contain healing and healing properties. The ancient sages have been able to classify them by energetic polarities, universal elements and many other characteristics that indicate their benefits from the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual body. His healing is seen by these communities as a holistic path that addresses the whole being , and that from its qualities, fulfills its sacred function on Earth.

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Tobacco, for example, is one of the plants that is used to heal, gain wisdom and achieve greater attention in everyday life. Although some communities may see it as a male plant, others have ensured that it is neutral, so it can be combined with other plants, resins or ashes such as rapé.

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Adorning the body is adorning the soul

Plants, beyond their healing or spiritual properties, have also served as ornaments or talismans that embellish the body. This indigenous makeup” not only serves to enhance the beauty of those who wear it, but it can also have protective functions against bad energies. Likewise, these natural tinctures can be used to sustain yourself in the midst of a ritual or to ensure that each ceremony can be carried out with harmony, success and protection. Some of these vegetable paintings may come from carayurú or we’e.

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