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To regain your stability

Sustaining oneself in the material world requires trust and integrity, in the same way that it asks us to have our feet on the ground in order to materialize what we want. When you do not feel trust in Mother Earth as a giver of abundance and stability (consciously or unconsciously), or you experience difficulties that destabilize the structures you have created, you may feel insecure and uncertain about your ability to sustain yourself. And carry on.

( Rapé Imburana )

That’s when economic or labor problems or those structures that have generated security for so long, it seems that they do not give you peace of mind. Where you felt safe, you can no longer rest. In that space where you took refuge, there is no longer a ceiling or floor. And this chronic feeling can manifest itself in your daily life as imbalances in the earth element (material world), so you have to rebuild your vision of rootedness, security and personal needs.

( Rapé Pimienta Longa )


  • You don’t feel safe with the structures you have built……………..Mulateiro
  • You have the feeling that you don’t have your place in the world……………….Mulateiro
  • You do not feel capable of meeting your needs…………………………………………….Mulateiro
  • You are trapped in labor, economic or health crises……………….Mulateiro

Rapé Mulateiro is the medicine that will help you root yourself, to free yourself from emotions such as anxiety and conditions such as chronic stress . When you go through these types of difficulties, it can be very difficult to find peace in your day-to-day life, so these types of emotions can affect your physical and mental health.

(do you suffer from stress chronic? Know your main symptoms ))

One of the great benefits of rapé is that it allows you to be here and now to be able to free yourself from all the catastrophic and pessimistic thoughts that your head can generate in times of difficulty and inner challenges. The nature of medicinal tobacco, as a healing plant, makes you connect with the earth element and its strength from another perspective.

( What is Rapé? )

In order to heal this imbalance, you must connect with the root chakra. This is the energy center that manifests qualities such as survival and the ability to trust Mother Earth as that great floor that sustains us, no matter what we are going through. When you trust Pachamama and her eternal goodness, you will be certain that with her help and your inner strength, you will be able to face any obstacle.

( Rapé Velandinho )

How does the root chakra manifest in balance?

  • safety in life
  • We can see things as they are and connect with the events that occur clearly
  • Feeling of rootedness, of having land, we have a place
  • We are able to supply our earthly needs like food and shelter without inconvenience.

How does an imbalanced root chakra manifest?

  • Deep and irrational fears
  • excessive procrastination
  • Feeling of not having a place
  • we feel stuck

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