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Rapé is considered a powerful medicine in all Amazonian worldviews, it is attributed the power of the grandfather counselor, the loving and wise grandfather who has guided the taitas (elders, shamans) to discover the healing powers that inhabit nature.

Shamanism is one of the oldest cosmogonies on planet Earth . This practice has been characterized by finding the deep primordial life of the Universe, based on the belief that everything that lives in the Pachamama has life or spirit. Starting from this common premise, each community around the world has developed its healing or spiritual awakening processes.

( Meet three myths )

Why a medicine?

One of the medicines that Amazonian Shamanism has found is the sacredness of the tobacco plant . This plant has been used not only as a means for rituals, but has also been used to cure, along with other barks and ashes of medicinal plants, the state of mind and different diseases. The truth is that one of the ancestral medicines that shares these properties is rapé.

( What is…? )

The ancient medicine of rapé has not only brought many benefits to the indigenous communities of the Amazon, but has also reached our contemporaneity and modern world to bring you to the present moment, open introspective processes that have to do with mental and emotional health, and in addition, offering its benefits in the physical body to recover health, vitality and fluidity between all the bodies you inhabit (including the spiritual body).

( Benefits )


Ancient medicine rapé can be shared in spiritual ceremonies, as well as used alone. The rapé ritual can vary according to the communities, groups or people who choose to walk with it. It is received through the breath or exhalation through the nose, and immediately, it will help you to silence your thoughts to start a process of reflection, introspection and deep silence.


One of the reasons we use rapé as an ancestral medicine is because of its spiritual benefits . In times of a lot of external and internal noise, finding the resource of silence is necessary to be able to live a life guided by consciousness and spiritual coherence. Rapé, by silencing the mind and the internal dialogues that you have reproduced and experienced for years, will give you the opportunity to connect with your essence and thus be able to release all those beliefs that you have inherited (but that currently do not represent a benefit for you). life).

( What are ceremonies? )

We know that spirituality is not only part of what we believe to be “high” or “out of this world”. It is a daily exercise that you can practice from awareness and coherence with your own life (and with the treatment you maintain with those around you). That is why when you find a tool like rapé that allows you to dive into your soul, question yourself, and also purify your spiritual body, you can experience awakenings about facts that you have never questioned before . On the other hand, one of the benefits of rapé is the decalcification of the pineal gland, which will allow you to develop intuition and connection with your higher beings.

( The meditative practices )

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