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To focus and stop procrastinating

Has it happened to you that every year you set goals that are difficult to achieve? Or that you have had a goal for months but it is difficult for you to focus to achieve it or have the results you expect? This may be because you are being affected by dispersion or procrastination. . When we do not use energy in a dosed and constant way, we can lose ourselves in the distractions of everyday life, losing sight of our north.

( Rapé Tsunu )


  • Your work requires a high degree of concentration……………………………………… ………………………….Mentolado
  • You are in times of presenting exams or reports of great importance……………………………..Mentolado
  • You need to reach a goal that is essential for your well-being or stability……………….Mentolado
  • You feel like you can’t focus on one thing, no matter how hard you try or wish……….Mentolado

The Mentolado Rapé will be of great help to focus all your vital energy on that objective that you have between eyebrows. This rapé is a great companion for those moments where you have to show a responsible attitude towards tasks, deliveries or results that feel vital to maintain or improve your lifestyle, as well as your well-being in different facets of your existence (studies, work, associations, home, etc).

( Rapé Tahuari )

It will also serve to understand and manage procrastination . It is from the moment we stop putting off our goals and objectives that we gain confidence in ourselves and in our ability to manifest new realities. As long as you are putting off all those decisions that support your wholeness and well-being, you will feel that you cannot fulfill your commitments and that you are unable to give yourself what you need to be good with yourself and the world around you.

( Rapé Cajueiro )

Although there are many Rapés that are made from the mint that we know traditionally, this one is made from wild or jungle mint ; for that reason you will not perceive that aroma or flavor of what is usually “menthol”. In the same way, although all Rapés have the benefit of bringing you to the present so that you can inhabit the here and now,Mentolado Rapé is the one that will have more force in this benefit of rooting you (This is why it is categorized as an extra-strong rapé).

We know that your mind is often scattered, like that of many who can observe its fluctuating nature. Thoughts often take you from one place to another, causing you to lose vital energy. But it is here that the Menthol Rapé gives you its breath to give you a sense of focus and concentration, avoid multitasking and gain ground in the art of doing a task well done. It can also be very kind if you want to achieve deep silent meditation.

( How rapé contributes in meditation )

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