How does rapé intervene in my daily life? Part 1

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How does rapé intervene in my daily life? Part 1

We have talked a lot about rapé lately ( What is rapé? ), and surely by researching you will find articles that tell of its innumerable benefits. Today I want to tell you what I got, when I discovered medicine and decided to implement it in my lifestyle . And what you could also get if you really want to change your day to day life. I cannot say that it was a sudden change in my life, the relationship with medicine took place step by step, we got to know each other, became friends, which allowed me to see the change in my perspective of seeing the circumstances that happen in my life. This is how the soul and its movements work; slowly, step by step, without effort . I feel that we all want to change our lifestyle, but we do nothing to make that change a reality, or we hope for a miraculous remedy, something that without having to do personal work, magically changes us. Or we start because something motivated us, a talk , a good book, anything; we make a subtle brief change for as long as our motivation lasts. Then, the effect of daily life with its loads, obligations, routines, etc … makes us return to the slavery of the confort zone we love to hate.

How does rapé helps us?

It makes us aware of the unconscious acts that occur in our mind , it allows us to realize before we react. Unfortunately, almost all of us live our lives automatically. We do not really live our lives, life passes us absorbed in our routine , in our way of being, we are like the living dead because since we were little we have been programmed to have concepts that have determined our way of being, thinking and acting. . Our personal history determines our present, the past programs our mind and conditions it to act in certain ways under certain circumstances. Rapé makes you question every step you take, every thought you have, every emotion you generate, every second you live, and you search the reason for that situation. It takes you to the depths of your being.It shows us, wounds, judgments, guilt and an infinity of things that we carry and that we decide to bury so we do not see them and although we feel its weight we prefer not to see. Once the medicine makes us aware of things, we have to decide what to do with this. If we do not get out of that mental program, if we do not heal that wound, if we do not free ourselves from that guilt or from those judgments, which we have entrenched right now, and we work on it … we will never be able to change our lifestyle.

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Because we will continue to see things the same way, under the same veil. That perspective learned as young children that makes us judge, decide and question what is right and what is wrong, to differentiate the good from the bad, the beautiful from the ugly, the correct from the incorrect. If we think about it, many times we live day to day without realizing what we have done and why. How many times have you realized until after having reacted, that you said something that you regret?, having harshly scolded your children? how many times a day we operate automatically? in what situations do you disconnect? The thing is, we are totally unaware that this is how we go about our daily lives.

So how it is whith rapé then?

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Rapé silences our mind, with the mind in silence it becomes possible for us to separate from it, we understand that we are not mind, and when we understand this its control over us gives way, we make it possible for everything that happens to pass through my own filters, we react less and less, there is more and more distance between thought and reaction, we become able to stop before going into automatic.

Rapé is a journey inside us. It takes us and shows us, points us, and says – well and what are you going to do with this?- it is our decision to do something or not, but we will make that decision in a conscious way.

(Rapé changes lives )

And what do I get out of this?

Rapé helps us achieve goals that we set ourselves, what it does is wake us up and we can see our interior. Helps us discover why things happen and how we can change them, discovering from where we act, in addition to defining who we are, why we have the life we have and what we must do to go further. Personally, I see the spirit of rapé as the character of the hermit in the tarot, that wise old man who shines his lantern on us, waiting for us to realize it. (Benefits of rapé )

Until recently I was just another slave of the system,a sheep that limited itself, like all others, to follow the path that had been imposed on me. I always felt that I questioned me, I felt like an anarchist who went against what was established, without understanding that I was doing the same thing I criticized so much, getting money to have the best life I could, for me and my children. My life became the opposite of what I had seen in my parents, I became by opposition the same thing that I desperately wanted to forget. My past determined my present and made me just another number. I had my own businesses, I was doing very well, but I couldn’t feel complete and I limited myself to working as much as possible, to being always busy, full of obligations, which made me stressed, angry, restless. This was what I knew, being like this felt familiar. And so I would have continued like this until I reached my old age, having lived a life that did not fulfill me and that was not the one I really wanted to have. Some of us have two types of life, the one we live and the one we really would like to live.

I invite you to get more involved with this ancestral medicine just as I did. Allow yourself to know and live new experiences, find yourself and open the door to the wonders of Rapé.

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