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The Meditation in principle can be conceived as the pause . The pause we have in the day before the current frenzy, the pause we take from being busy, from doing and doing non-stop, from running, from fulfilling obligations, duties and tasks. Meditation is the moment to stop, the moment to pamper and feel, to sit down to inhabit the body, attend to what is happening and, once the time has passed in meditation, find relaxation, silence, stillness, peace and in some cases, also said.

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Once we stop and can stop, the search for the meditative state begins, which is a state of being present, being here and now, a state of observing you , realizing and being with you. Initially, it may be that when you come to yourself, you find tension, pain, displeasure, or some emotions that have been hidden in your occupations, as it is possible that you find relaxation, calm and the enjoyment of that moment with you and in the presence of others. what is inside and outside of you.

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Meditation then is the technique for many, but really, meditation is the state. As a technique many ways have been invented, many ways to do it, active meditations, passive meditations And it has been useful, because today it is not easy to stop and get ready to get in touch with ourselves. As a technique, meditation is the tool that helps you to land in you , to practice more and more and to reach more easily every day to a state of intimacy with you. OSHO, creator of great meditation techniques, expressed that meditation for the modern human is life or death, because the tiredness we experience is great, the saturation we have with so many responsibilities and challenges of life is great, the expectations that we have placed on ourselves and that come from the outside world are huge.

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OSHO expresses and urgently invites us to take a few minutes and up to an hour each day to be able to stop, connect with ourselves , remembering our states of silence and serenity, listening to ourselves, resting and being able to also have moments of happiness and joy in the mere fact of BEING. Snuff contributes to quiet the mind that is why we recommend it to achieve the goal of meditation.

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