Insomnia is a very common problem, it is a sleep disorder that consists of difficulty falling asleep or maintaining a continuous and restful sleep; this causes fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, making daily life difficult for those suffering from it. .

( Insomnia as an indicator of sleep disorder )

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All things we are not capable of loving will generate some kind of disturbance or suffering.

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What causes insomnia?

Many things can cause insomnia:

The most common one is to have emotional alterations, situations generating concern, tension, anguish, fear or sadness or even stronger disorders such as anxiety and depression.

There are also external causes, such as bad sleeping habits, use and abuse of substances and medications, shift working or frequent trips, been exposed to overstimulating sources, social networks or over use of our phones.

In addition, insomnia can be related to stimulants such as coffee, soda, chocolate, etc.

Having this causes in mind and the duration of insomnia, we can talk about:

Temporary insomnia : Lasts less than a week. It is the most frequent. We associate it with periods of stress, sudden schedule changes, occasional physical stress, emotional causes.

Short-term or acute insomnia: It lasts from 1 to 4 weeks and is caused by stress.

Chronic insomnia: It lasts more than 4 weeks and the causes can be medical, psychological or unknown.

( Know the three disorders that can affect your rest )

What are the most common symptoms?

Insomnia affects our daily life, often it deteriorates health, affecting our quality of life and our family and work environment. The most common manifestations of this sleep disorder, all linked to lack of adequate rest, are:

  • Decreased concentration.
  • Lack of physical energy and fatigue.
  • Behavioral and emotional alterations and irritability.

What are the types of insomnia?

The different types of insomnia are:

Conciliation insomnia: Related to difficulty falling asleep in less than 30 minutes.

Maintenance insomnia: Related to problems maintaining sleep, producing frequent sleep interruptions continuous awakenings.

Early awakening: The last awakening occurs much earlier than usual.

Most cases of insomnia have an acute onset, coinciding with stressful situations, and tend to become chronic. Not sleeping generates fear of not sleeping, which becomes a vicious circle.

Ancestrina suggests:

Stop trying to sleep, sleep comes, there is nothing you can do to fall asleep, the more you try, the more you do, you are less likely to fall asleep, it is only when you stop trying that you fall into a deep sleep. Any activity goes against sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep …it is for the same reason so many people suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep, what they are doing is trying to fall asleep. They use many tricks like counting sheep, practicing mantras and they do a thousand things to get to sleep, because they do not know that trying to sleep is the barrier. Sleep comes when you are not there.

Just relax, sleep is effortless. When you simply relax, doing nothing, little by little you end up sleeping. You cannot force yourself towards it; you are adrift. You cannot make a conscious effort.

Let go and let the sleep happen. You have to lose control, or else you cannot fall asleep because the controlling part is the conscious mind. She has to allow it. There has to be no control. So you don’t know when, how and why, sleep comes to you. Only in the morning you realize that you have been asleep, and that you slept well.

Rapé is a gift that Mother Earth gives us, a wonderful tool to let go of control, to silence the mind, the moment let go you will surely fall asleep. Rapé is not a sleeping pill, Rapé does not attack any symptoms, it does not work the form, it is a medicine that takes you deep down to the root,it really heals you.

(Insomnia and rapé)

Sleep meditation

You may not be able to sleep well at night. Very few people sleep well. And if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, you’ll be a bit tired during the day. If this is your case, then it is time to do something about sleep. It should be deeper. The amount of sleep does not have much to do with this; you can sleep eight hours, but if it is not a good sleep, you will be hungry for sleep.

How deep you sleep is what is important. Every night before going to sleep do the following exercise and it will be of great help: Sit on your bed ready to sleep, remain seated, Prepare your Rapé, spray the medicine, close your eyes and start making any monotonous meaningless sound, let the sound reach you, it can be puffs, buzzes, but they have to make a sound. The only thing you have to remember is that those sounds have to be that, sounds, not songs, it is not humming songs, let them come to you.

You can start by saying ‘la, la, la,’ and then whatever comes to you. You will only experience difficulties the first day. Once you start being spontaneous, you will know its flow. For fifteen minutes, express everything that comes to you and use it as a language; in fact, you will be speaking in that language. This will relax the consciousness very deeply.

Fifteen minutes and then you just lie down and go to sleep.

Your sleep will be deep and you will feel completly fresh in the morning.

I want to sleep well!

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