Si te gusta comparte y ayúdanos a crecer

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a universal part of all living things, down to the smallest creatures whose lives revolve around survival. But these creatures experience something called reality anxiety, a fear around survival-based events like being bitten by dogs or enduring a harsh winter.

Humans also experience reality anxiety, but our brains have evolved to allow us to reason, an ability that generates anxiety on an entirely different level, stemming from deeper existential questions that address the nature of our existence.


key to healing

When you feel trapped by the raw energy of fear, it is difficult to see that the act of surrendering the inner self to each wave of emotion that triggers anxiety within the body, mind and soul, and to listen to what that emotion is dealing with. to communicate, is actually a key to healing. Also, facing the fear and moving through the waves of emotion as they come through you is really healing.

Instead of suppressing the panic that storms the body, mind, and soul when triggered by a life event, it is possible to learn to press an inner pause button at the threshold of your resistance and change your perspective. from one of helplessness to one of awareness that all anxiety is created by you to protect a soul fragment.


The importance of embracing spiritual exploration

Although we all experience some form of spiritual anxiety, dealing with it is another problem. We often get caught up in waves of other, less existential forms of anxiety: meeting deadlines, getting to the bus on time, leaving enough time to get ready for our date.

But just as tsunamis can form from a series of smaller waves, leaving our smaller everyday anxieties unaddressed can cause them to coalesce into larger ones before we know it.

All forms of anxiety, spiritual or not, can be harmful when left unexamined. If we ignore our spiritual anxieties during the treatment process, we refuse to resolve the larger fears hanging over our heads and may not get to the real core of our anxiety. Many people rely on a source of positive energy, such as a loved one or a special place.


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