rapé testimonials

Master Plants

A few months ago Ancestrina was born with the purpose of bringing to our reality the benefits of rapé and we have connected with a great group of people who have shared their experiences with us:

“For me it’s a medicine that helps me in those moments during which my energy is dispersed my thoughts and fellings are not in order. It helps me connect with my inner being and helps me open the receptor channels when I am about to receive another medicine or master plant “. Engel

“The rapesito for me, as an elemental provided by mother earth, helps me review those unhealthy wounds from the past. It helps me clarify my mind to be able to analyze them from another perspective. To connect each part of my body with my soul and spirit To not let myself be dominated by the system or by those toxic thoughts.” Celmar

“The rapesito is an Ancestral medicine which gives an excellent connection with our interior helping to focus the mind and emotions in a state of vibratory consciousness of harmony, you connect with the divine essence through this sacred medicine. for me it has been of great help cures my bronchitis has strengthened me in such a way that 3 years ago I didn’t get a cold my health improved”. Sandra

“Rapé was the fastest and most effective medicine in curing a severe case of anxiety due to a panic attack that happened to me last year. For 2 weeks I was working with it and after that I didn’t have the need to use it again because Not only did I return to normal, but it completely changed my view of the world and the future.” Andre

“Rapé is a magic powder of connection; a breath of life, of strength and fortitude; it is the sacred balance between the masculine and the feminine that dwells in me. It is a medicine of wisdom and introspection, which makes it possible to live in the present moment. Only here And now! It’s cosmic, physical and emotional protection and cleansing.” Diego

“Rapé has been a source of inspiration, healing and mental introspection. With a lot of respect and a lot of love, I think I owe everything I am today to it. It helps me connect with the music I make in a loving and different way, understanding that I’m here because something bigger put me here to continue making my art. ” Carlos

“Rapé is the best medicine for the wind element, in addition to being made up of grandfather Tobacco and other medicinal plants, it has helped me a lot in the treatment or healing of my rhinitis, I have been using it for 6 months, it has given me very good results, it works very well on a mental and physical level, it is a blessing to be able to have it, in addition to quieting the mind, it cleanses, heals, and purifies every feeling as well.” Juan Pablo

“Rapé is ancient medicine. It is the direct connection with our deepest thoughts. The focus of attention is focused on the present and on breathing, it clears the conscience and helps to clear up doubts. It is medicine for the body and soul, clears the airways and relieves sinus symptoms while balancing thoughts with words and actions. ” Juan Sebastian

“The truth is, whenever I project a little rapé I take it as a gift, I enjoy it in a total way, if there is vomiting, evacuation or whatever, I also enjoy it. I have shared cumaru, tzunu, coca, mint and from the strongest to the softest I enjoy it, it leaves me calmer and I start playing with my cat to share that energy that awakens us ”. Alfonso

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