Stressed? Stressed?

Do you feel tired all the time?

Do you have frequent headaches that turn into migraines?

Do you perceive yourself as a sick person all the time?

Do you find it difficult to concentrate or do you remain completely dispersed?

Are you feeling increasingly irritable?

If you identify with more than one of these questions, it is most likely that you are experiencing STRESS

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Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension. It can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. In small episodes, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. But when stress lasts for a long time, it can harm your health.

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Stress how to control it

The Psychiatric medicines that are prescribed for stress are unlimited, they include barbiturates, benzodiazepines, antidepressants or anxiolytics, what they seek is to cause a sedative effect, so that the body is relaxed, sleepy.

What happens is that most allopathic medicines focus on reducing the symptom and not actually healing us. Find out what happens to us, what are the triggers, what is causing my stress, remember that this is the body’s way of talking to us, stress is a bodily reaction that prepares us for overexertion, and many times it is necessary. However, sometimes we do not listen to our needs and our limits and we continue in this overexertion causing really serious problems on a physical and emotional level.

It is our duty to ourselves to be observing and listening to our body with great attention, he speaks to us in the way he knows how to do it, we must learn to recognize it and take care of it, and this is an art that no one has taught us, we can either do it alone or companions, but it is important to do so.

Whether we go to a therapist or decide to do our conscience work alone, Rapé is the ideal resource. It is a wonderful tool that enhances our personal work, the first thing it does when we apply it is to silence our mind, thoughts calm down and we can feel, see ourselves, contact our body, its sensations and needs and additionally get in tune with our essential being .

Whatever it is that is causing us stress, that is stressing us, is something that we must observe and evaluate. Our body has a limit and it is okay to fight for our goals, but it is awareness, constant evaluation and loving action with ourselves, which allows us to go for what we want without dying in the attempt.

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I want to warn those who decide to accompany their work with medicine, that this is not a job for the innocent or for the excessively young (I mean those who, no matter how old they are, have remained safe from life and have taken few risks ).

On the contrary, it is for those who have experienced at some point the inevitable harshness and setbacks of living; for those who know love, but also lack of love, joy, but also sadness; for those who have been lucky enough to make mistakes, lots or a few, those who at some point have felt guilty and, above all, have felt less good than they would have liked.

And for those who have or have had difficulties, because they have found the “essentially human”, what allows us to grow and become real people.

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May this work sow seeds of love and happiness. If so, and if a few took root and came to flower (within you I hope!), It would have all been worth it.

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Rapé, which is the name by which most of us know this medicine, is actually known by the indigenous peoples as Romé Potó. this medicine  Ancestral is prepared with tobacco combined with one or several plants, minerals and also bark and volcanic ashes, which make up a subtle alchemy, until obtaining a very fine powder, with a specific purpose.

Depending on the concentration of the components, each Rapé works at different Energetic, Physical, Mental and Emotional levels. Its use allows a total relaxation, quieting the thought. This Ancestral Medicine allows us a deep state of concentration, brings us firmness and clarity to be able to be present in the here and now.

 Runs through the body  with a tingling numbing and relaxing the useless tensions that our body sometimes automatically maintains as a result of living in a false state of alarm, constantly prepared to react to “danger.” With rapé, the body loosens all its tensions, remaining in an optimal state for meditation, which is why this tool has become the gateway for many meditators to their internal world.

To apply rapé we need an applicator also called kuripe, it is necessary to do it with this tool since with rapé we receive an exhalation and not an inhalation, contrary to what we imagine.

This exhalation represents death, death of your old self that is reborn again from a different place each time you use medicine, it is to accept ourselves as changing beings, in continuous development.

Once we have prepared our space, we must reserve at least 20 minutes of our time for our medicine session, we take a deep breath, hold our breath, put the longest part of the applicator in the nose and the shortest in the mouth and blow, this we do in both nostrils.

Once we apply the medicine, our mind is silent and we take advantage of these 20 minutes to dive into our soul, where we will find the wounds that do not allow us to live fully today.

One of the benefits of the way rapé is used is that when you project it, it caresses the pineal gland and as you use it, it becomes decalcified and you will realize how clearly you begin to listen to your intuition.

Frequent questions

As long as you use it with respect, treating it for what it is, a sacred medicine and you work directly with your intuition, this means only using it it when you hear its call, and do not use it recreationally, rapé will not generate an addiction, nor dependence and the most beautiful thing is that it does not generate resistance (is not like each time you need more and more).

Rapé is not a medication, it cannot be prescribed, there is no dosage or protocol to follow. It is not a treatment as understood with our vision of allopathic medicine. You must see rapé as a tool that enhances and accompanies your personal work.

If you work steadily, if you hear its call and dedicate at least 20 minutes to dive into your soul in each rapé session, you will be able to realize the wonders that it works in you every time you use it. You should approach it without expectations

You should not stop taking them, rapé does not go against any medication.

Many times the symptoms are so strong that life becomes hell, rapé does not take care of the symptoms, it takes care of helping you to really heal. If you feel that the symptoms are too terrible, keep taking your medications while you work the rapé, when you consciously see what mortifies you, you will know when to stop taking them.

Let’s differentiate the meanings of the word drug. We can well understand it as a substance that we take to cover up a symptom but not to heal it, for example, if my head hurts I take something for the pain. We can also take its negative meaning and relate it to something like cocaine, which is understood as a substance that takes you out of yourself and causes you harm.

We call rapé a medicine, like yage, peyote, wachuma … which are gifts Mother Earth gives us, tools to be able to go to the bottom of our soul to heal.

The rapé effect is one of total relaxation. It is not usual that produce visions , although it can happen.
It runs through the whole body with a tingling numbing relaxing the useless tensions that our body sometimes automatically maintains as a result of living in a false state of alarm, constantly prepared to react to “danger.” With rapé the body loosens all its tensions, remaining in an optimal state for meditation

The continuous use of rapé does not have any side effects. What we recommend is to use it with respect, it is not for recreational use, never forget that it is a sacred medicine. Always work with your intuition, follow its call and when it does not call you respect him and do not work, it will know when to call you again.

You should not use rapé if you do not feel its call, if what you want is to “try”, be patient and its call will come to you.

On a physical level, people who suffer from low blood pressure should use rapé in very little quantities and its use is not recommended in pregnant women.

It is the same in the sense that rapé and yage are sacred ancestral medicines, gifts from the pacha mama to us, her children, so that our passage through this world is pleasant and enjoyable.

In all other ways they are different. Rapé is a great integrator, it helps you to integrate to understand your personal history, to process, to let go, to take apart and to free yourself.

Yagé disintegrates your psyche, it disarms you, it is a very strong process, lasting several hours. You should never do it alone, you should always be accompanied. It is a wonderful experience to arm ourselves from a different place.

Rapé can be done quietly alone. Working with your own energy is a very intimate connection with your essential being.

Rapé is a medicine that you can do quietly on your own, with complete peace of mind. Our recommendation is that you start from less to more, that you introduce yourself to the spirit of rapé, get to know it and let it know you, try different types of breathing and do your process following your rhythm. As you use it more clearly your intuition will speak to you, work hand in hand with it, allow yourself to hear its call and you will see the incredible results that you will achieve.

We firmly believe that sacred medicine does not have an owner, it is a gift from Mother Earth to humanity, but we do firmly believe that rapé like all medicine has a territory and a legacy, that is why in Ancestrina we bring rapé directly from the communities We do not elaborate it nor will we elaborate it, our intention is to respect the heirs of this wisdom.

No, it is not, we will not provide medicines if we do not have the full security that you can handle alone. We talk about how rapé takes us to a non-ordinary state of consciousness, when we understand and accept that unconsciousness is our natural state, rapé brings us to the here and now, to the present moment. If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the experience, just wash your face with cold water.

We bring rapé directly from the jungle in Brazil, we work with 3 different communities, the Marubos, the Munduruku and the Yanomani. We hope, as soon as the pandemic allows us to travel, to establish a relationship with the communities of Acre and thus be able to bring rapé from the Kaxinawá and the Yamanawa, among others. The journey that medicine takes is very long, it has to leave the jungle, and now with a pandemic this has become much more difficult. From the moment we request the medicine to the moment it reaches us, almost 3 months pass.

You can place your order through the page or if it is easier for you, we manage an account in Bancolombia, Nequi, Colpatria and Davivienda. Write us to share the number of your prefered payment option.

Every day at 2 in the afternoon we send our packages through Interrapidisimo.

In main cities it arrives the next day, in secondary cities or towns and rural areas it usually takes two days.

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