Meditation and rapé

Meditation is enough

The world we live in is irrational, almost crazy. If you can at least manage to meditate, you have done more than is expected of the current individual. Whatever you understand meditation is, is good. Forget that you can do it wrong, simply give yourself the opportunity to try.

Meditation, little by little cleanses you, it clears you up. One day, you suddenly realize: Where has the darkness gone? Where is that constant stream of thoughts? Where has the mind gone?

At first when we start the practice we feel uncomfortable, we do not know what to do, we do not understand that the trick is exactly that, we must not do, thoughts invade us, our mind floods us with them, that is why rapé is a A wonderful tool, the first thing it does is calm that internal noise, when applying the medicine the mind becomes silent and we experience calm.

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I want to learn to meditate!

En que puedo ayudarte?