Illness and Rapé

Our approach to illness is that it is a movement of the spirit that seeks reconciliation with unconscious individual, collective and generational traumas.

The movement of the spirit invites us to see the world and relationships in a different way. The dynamics between; health and illness, of what is personal and what is general, the good and the bad. When we expand our gaze, the borders are diluted in a background that completes our human, earthly and spiritual history, in such a way that we realize that the polarities considered separate are actually one. This is called reconciliation, and from here change is possible.

( What is rapé)

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The change takes place through a process of understanding and inner growth that culminates with the gaze, which encompasses the whole, and along the way, illusions are left behind to recognize what it is.

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It is convenient to see illness as an ally, a metaphor offered by our life about certain aspects, unconscious circumstances of ourselves or of others that we don’t know how to manage an often reject.

Symptoms are messengers that help us, they force us to be present in our difficulties in order to find a way to regain balance towards our health and well-being in coherence with who we are.

Most of the time, the body and its symptoms reflect something that we are choosing not to see, guilt, resentment, an unworked wound, claiming a place, once we give it that place the disease no longer need to be there, the symptoms end up disappearing.

( Benefits of rapé )

I want to know what my body wants to tell me!

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