The healing and change encounters are small group sessions facilitated by Laura Niño and Victor Silva

  • In them you will have the opportunity to meet other people interested in self-knowledge, inner development and transcendence.

  • You will be able to live forceful active meditations designed to land in the present moment through music, body movement, sound and silence, and connect your Essential Being.

  • You will be able to receive and share some ancestral medicines of daily use with properties of healing, revelation and change; tools for introspection and energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing.

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When we complement the work with rapé and meditation, we realize what this wonderful combination can bring us.

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Among the natural and ancestral medicines you can find the Rapé, the medicine of the drum, the medicine of the rattle, the song and the word circle, among others. Due to the location of the place where these meetings take place, you will be able to enjoy the calm air outside the city, a quiet and warm atmosphere, and you will be accompanied by facilitators with a talented and experienced heart. Some of these sessions may also be facilitated through virtual platforms depending on the current pandemic status.

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Rapé is a tool for introspection, it silences our minds and it is incredible what we can achieve and where we can go when we are really present.
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