WHAT IS depression?

Depression is a disorder of a person’s emotional state.

It is not just that you are feeling low or going through a sad moment. It is a condition in which the person feels extremely sad, discouraged, unmotivated and finds it difficult to feel pleasure when doing activities that they normally find pleasant.

They have negative and hopeless thoughts about life.

( Depression the disease of today )

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We misuse the expression when we say: "I am depressed", without knowing if it is true and, perhaps, we only mean that we are sad

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Often we say: "I am depressed", without knowing if we truly are or if is just sadness.

We must clarify that feeling sad is not the same as being depressed, in addition we need to know how to identify the symptoms, the solutions and the help available to those suffering from it.

What is sadness?

Sadness is an emotion that all human beings can feel. In fact, sadness is a healthy emotional response to any situation that causes us pain or loss, this is why it is normal feeling sad when going through a breakup, the loss of a job, an academic failure or the death of a loved one, just to mention a few examples.

Is feeling sad the same as feeling depressed?

No. Sadness is a normal emotional response, depression on the other hand, is a condition that affects people’s mental health and is much more than feeling sad or low.

Sadness is not the same as depression. Unfortunately, the use of the expression: “I’m depressed” or “this is so depressing” has become popular when we want to talk about moments when we feel low or sad about something.

This has caused the actual disorder to be downplayed to the point that those having it are not taken seriously.

What are the symptoms?

Not all people experience it the same, but the most common symptoms are:

  •  Feeling low most of the day for a long period of time.
  •  Significant decrease of interest and pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable.
  •  Changes in diet and weight. There may be a loss of appetite causing the person to lose weight or the opposite may occur causing the person to gain weight.
  •  Alterations in sleep patterns. The person may have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep or, on the contrary, she may be sleeping much more than usual.
  •  Feelings and thoughts of being worthless and undeserving.
  •  Thoughts of excessive guilt.
  •  Difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, and making decisions.
  •  Recurring thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, and / or life-threatening behaviors.

Are there different levels? How to differentiate them?

Depression can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe. This classification depends on the intensity of the symptoms and the effect that these have on the person’s life.

The more the symptoms interfere with people’s daily lives, with their social, work, and family relationships, the more severe depression is understood to be.

I feel depressed, I condemn myself, although I really don't know why ...

Being depressed is one of the tricks of the mind to prevent you from moving forward. The mind likes what is known, no matter how unpleasant, it does not like change. So when something happens to you, instead of understanding, the energy begins to move towards judgment, reproach and condemnation. And change and healing, comes from understanding and empathy.

The mind is very deceptive, the moment you begin to see a fact, a wound; you want to observe it, analyze it, break it down, the mind takes hold of it and begins to judge it. Now all the energy becomes judgment, condemnation, and our mind leads us to elude, and understanding and empathy are forgotten, relegated, burying the wound because we think that if we do not see it, it is because it has disappeared.

It can make you depressed, it can make you angry, but you are not able to transform when depressed and angry. You remain the same, moving in the same vicious cycle over and over again.

Ancestrina suggests:

We know the tricks of the mind, it wants to avoid pain at all cost, and it does not understand that ignoring our wounds makes them become encrusted, rot and for this reason we enter sadness, depression without knowing why, we can’t see what’s underneath.

This sadness leads us to hit rock bottom and is then when we want to stop ignoring, we want to understand, but most of the time we do not know how, we do not have the strength to go so deep into the soul where it seems there is no light.

(Depression and rapé)

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Rapé is a wonderful tool, an indispensable companion for this navigation, it empowers you, guides you, helps you understand and understanding is liberating; When you realize something, there is no need to condemn it, there is no need to worry about it. It is only necessary to look at it in depth and understand it.
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Something happens and affects you, and in fact that is the purpose of life, that what happens affects you, moves you in some way, takes you out of your lethargy, then you must focus on the reason why it affects you and where it affects you and what is the problem. You have to look at it. Watching it, trying to move around it, looking at it from all angles. If you judge, you cannot observe it, you cannot approach it from all its angles. You have decided in advance that it is wrong; without giving it a chance, you’ve already judged it.

Rapé helps you to observe the fact, to go deep on it, to contemplate it; the more you can observe it, the more you will be able to get out of it. The ability to understand and the ability to get out of it are two different names for the same phenomenon.

If I understand something, I am capable of overcome it, of transcending it. If there is something I do not understand, I cannot get rid of it. Then the mind continues to play its game with everything; not only with you. You instantly jump up and say, ‘This is wrong, it shouldn’t be this way. I’m not worth it, my relationship is wrong, and this and that is wrong, ‘and you feel guilty. Now all your energy moves towards guilt.

So, whatever you see, don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you in particular; it is simply the way the mind works. If there is jealousy, if there is possessiveness, if there is anger, this is how the mind works, it is her job, she believes that avoiding is the best way of not feeling pain, this, more or less, happens with everyone’s mind, in less or higher degree.

When you get up in the morning, before opening your eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch every part of your body. Stretch and make sounds, express, let sound come out.

Enjoy stretching, enjoy feeling your body waking up, coming back to life.

Now if you have to go to the bathroom go, and go back to bed,

prepare your rapé and project the medicine,

Now laugh, for five minutes just laugh.

At first you will be the one to do it, you will force yourself to do it, you may feel ridiculous, or with more desire to cry than to laugh, but continue with it, it is five minutes of laughter,

then allow the emotion to come out, it could be crying, if so, cry; it could be anger, if so, hit the pillow or scream; Allow yourself to express, allow yourself to let go, remember that it is better outside than inside.

Get lost in the expression, as if your life depends on it.

This technique may take a few days before you are able to do it. We are not used to expressing, we have forgotten how to do so. But soon you will do it spontaneously. And then, every morning, Enjoy!

I want to live my life to the fullest!

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